About EDLoop

EDLoop is a HIPAA secure, web-based platform that allows emergency department care teams to text information directly to patients’ phones during their emergency department stay. During infectious disease outbreaks like COVID-19, EDLoop is digital PPE (personal protective equipment) to limit staff and patient exposures while staying connected.

Fixing a Problem

EDLoop is developed by experienced emergency medicine physicians to solve the practical problem of keeping patients better informed during their long stays.

Intended to solve the challenge to frequently update patients across a large department with unpredictable patient surges and interruptions, EDLoop fills the inevitable gaps between face-to-face bedside time when clinicians are stuck at their desks. Now EDLoop has an important and lifesaving role to play during the COVID-19 pandemic: digital PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while social distancing in Emergency Departments.

EDLoop helps keep staff and patients safe, limit unnecessary PPE changes, and reduce anxiety about frequent contact within a confined space. Technology like EDLoop is critical to allowing clinicians to stay in touch without using their own phones or downloading apps, provide education, video, discharge instructions, and follow-up reminders while limiting bedside time during an infectious disease outbreak.

EDLoop lets emergency department teams stay connected while staying safe.

Fixing a Problem

Our Features

EDLoop improves patient communication 
and safety in emergency departments.

Easy Enrollment

All a patient needs is their cellphone. No apps to download or portal sign ons

Educate Now

Promote health literacy during ED stays by texting patient specific education during and after their stay, such as up-to-date COVID-19 information, testing, and treatment.

Timely Feedback

Send custom designed surveys directly to a patient’s phone after discharge to gain valuable information about their experience.

Automated Updates

Emergency department care teams can easily text updates 
in multiple languages from 
their workstation to keep the patients informed about next steps and delays.

Personalize the Care Team

Text care team bios to your patients so they may read their clinicians’ backgrounds and skills.

Connected Care

Text links to outpatient clinic numbers, online appointment systems, hospital initiatives for Social Determinants of Health, and telehealth COVID-19 follow-up clinic services.

"It is uncomfortable to sit and wait and not know what’s going on, having this information helps make the time go by much better."

- UI Health ED Patient who received text updates to their phone

"EDLoop helped reduce unnecessary patient contact, save PPE, and decrease my anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis."

- Dr. Adam Rodos, Emergency Department Attending

"It was perfect... these updates made us
feel at ease. Thanks!"

- UI Health ED patient who received text updates during her ED stay

"Loved the fact that I could keep my patients updated while I was running through my list and placing orders" 

- Dr. Shana Ross, 
Emergency Department Attending

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.“

- Albert Einstein

Improving Emergency Department Communication and Engagement

- EDLoop.net