When it comes to today’s technology culture, the Emergency Department (ED) patient experience is too often culturally insensitive. Patients and families sit in the operational dark ages, even though they have a smartphone and receive instant messages from Uber, a food delivery service, and their dog walker.

New research is showing this can affect outcomes for patients, physicians and hospitals alike.

According to a recent Press-Ganey white paper on ED patient experience, the main driver affecting a patient’s likelihood to recommend an ED is the patient’s perception of how much the staff cared about them as individuals, followed by whether the doctor informed them about their treatment and whether they received information about delays.

When patients feel ignored, in part by being poorly informed, they feel less cared for.

EDLoop solves the problem of poor communication during ED stays both for the clinician and the patient. By automating updates in nine languages directly to the patient’s phone, we close the gap between the pre-smartphone past and the tech-savvy present for a diverse ED population.

Using a patient’s smartphone to solve the problem of suboptimal updating is easy with EDLoop.